5 Quick Tips to Make an Awesome Selfie

A combination of many factors results in a great selfie. Lighting, angles, filters, and poses are the factors that matter the most in a photo. Take care of that while you decide to take a selfie.


The light accentuates the beauty of the selfie naturally. While taking a selfie tried to place the photo beside a window so the sunlight can aid you to reimburse the effect. It removes all the shadows around you and illuminates your face in a better way. Another way is to know the time and place to use a flash. When it’s dark, it is best to use a flash.

Snapchat has a feature that has it in the front camera. Sometimes the light can perfect your photo while it is dark around you. Make your expression or your smiles look real. Do not force it. Photos cannot look dull when you have a gorgeous smile on your face. If you can express it with your eyes, it’s even better. Because if it is not natural, you will know when you take a look at the photo. While taking shots, try different angles, and get rid of ones that do not satisfy you. When you take many shots in successive steps, you get a lot of choices.

Angles and Filter

You can also pause the frame in a video and get the best selfies. Movie phone around to get the good poses and angles. Filters can make anyone look good. Find the best apps with such filters. A lot of phones have modes to take selfies. It makes the picture brighter than the regular ones. You can edit the photo in ways that you like by changing the background, brightening your face, morphing, or shaping it. You can blur certain features on your face like eye bags and teeth to make it better. Avoid changing it in any way, which makes it seem unnatural. Edit it slightly in areas required and make it look natural. Choose a background to make it elegant. Try to do something different in your photos rather than try to copy someone. Sometimes nothing works for you. Step out of the frame for a while and come back again. Keep your neck elongated and straight while you click a picture. Your neck should look longer in it.

Be Yourself

To make the photo more dynamic, add dimensions to it. Your collar or cheekbones can do it for you. As the angle sticks out, it adds more dimension to the photo and makes you appear slim. Try to take them in the morning because of the lighting. If you have an attractive bone structure, angles can help you get a good photo. There is no point in going overboard with anything because you need it to look real and close to who you are. Do not try to make yourself look perfect. Leave some of those imperfections behind. It adds beauty to the selfie rather than trying to look like a doll. If you’re doing a business or trying to get noticed by agencies, build a good presence on social media. To buy Instagram followers for free is not an easy task. If you aren’t well known or a celebrity, it takes time and effort to get people to follow you or let your presence known in it.

There are many tips available online to make it work and generate more traffic to your website. The initial impression a photo can give your employers matter a lot. So, make your account worthy of it. Look polished but be yourself.


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