AFK Arena- Steady Pace for Establishing a Winning Streak

While the scientists and doctors are working out a vaccine for the deadly corona virus, the citizens have learnt to live with it while that time comes and it seems none too early because there has not been a breakthrough in the past few months as all.

Since everyone is at home, let us make it something fun so that the readers are enthralled so that they can pass the boring time while being locked at home due to lockdown.

Let us now relive our childhood days when video games were an indelible part of our lives that still bring tears of nostalgia in our eyes only this time it isn’t going to be about the old school video games but a new age outlaw of sorts that has taken the entire nation by storm.

Brief Description

While some people might not agree, but AFK Arena is arguably the most popular mobile game that you can find in current times that can be in the Top 5 of anybody’s favorite list that continues to be played throughout North America and several European countries.

AFK Arena is basically a game of cards that involve action and adventure in large quantity where two teams battle it out for obtaining supremacy in the land of Esteria and establish their dominion in the area.

Just like any good adventure story, this game involves two different teams where the objective is to fight for the greater good with valiant courage and valor and die defending your nation if need be.

The interesting thing about this game is that although it totally revolves around cards, the heroes are basically heroine in this action venture that has taken it upon oneself to eradicate their opponents once and for all.

If you are aware of the AFK Arena code, then rest assured that you can comfortably sail through all the levels with ease because it isn’t that easy to master the technique in a short while especially if you have no hands down experience in cards at all and there are many of them that still know the difference between a Jack or an Ace and have no idea of when they are winning or losing.

Valuable Tips

It needs to be confirmed that even though it isn’t an easy game to begin with, AFK Arena is quite enjoyable if you look at it from a general standpoint as it doesn’t use jargons for anything but slang words that can be understood in the colloquial context.

The heroes like Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, Graveborns, etc. have their own identity aside from the females like Gwyneth, Rigby, Hendrik, Cecilia, Raine, Rosaline and many others.

What makes AFK standout is that the women are heading the frontline in the battlefield while the men take the backend even though both sides have equal role to play in making the war engaging.

Just as a normal card game, the one with the biggest hand is declared the winner at the end of the day but what matters most is the level of enjoyment that one gets during the entire game.


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