Article Submitting To get Highest Website traffic

Submitting articles to directories is a very popular strategy for boosting traffic. It has been used since the beginning of Internet marketing and is still an effective traffic generation strategy.

Submitting articles to the article directories is a often used method for enhancing traffic. It has been popular since the early days of the Internet and is still an effective traffic generation tactic even in our high tech times.

Marketers always query the quickest techniques to submitting articles for the most effective results. Which are the most effective methods?

To start with, you can submit your articles to the most powerful article directory, EzineArticles. It has a well deserved reputation of being the preeminent in the world. Because of this marketers love it, as does Google.

Some marketers get angry because of the overly complex submission guidelines and long time it can take for approval.

However, if you read their rules and stick to them, your articles will get through without a hitch.

When your article are in EzineArticles you immediately receive benefits from it. Articles submitted to this directory frequently rank well in Google, even without any backlinks pointing to them.

Gather some backlinks and suddenly you find your articles are ranking in the top ten for moderately competitive keywords. Frequently you don’t even need backlinks to rank well.

When your article has been published you need to do some easy backlinking to it to help it rank well in the search engines.

To begin with, take your EzineArticle author RSS feed and submit it to RSS directories. There are tools that will do this for you, or you can do it manually. If you are doing it by hand, just choose the top ten directories in a Google search and that will be good enough for now. You can always submit to more later on, so make sure you keep track of which ones you have added your feed to.

You can ping your article at one of the many ping sites. You will give EzineArticles some benefit, but it will also help your article.

You could also social bookmark your article. You can either use a tool or do it yourself. A well written article could be submitted to Digg or Stumbleupon to get added links and traffic.

There are many other article directories you possibly will use, but none of them are as good for ranking as EzineArticles. Google Knoll is doing very well with gathering favor from marketers. At the moment though, these are not appearing to be ranking as well as Ezinearticles, but it is a fine method to get the Google to notice your sites.

For the other article directories it is not worth submitting articles by hand to them, except maybe the top dozen significant directories. Many of the rest get minimal traffic and are only worth it for the backlink. Hence you should outsource or automate all submissions to these directories.

If you are article marketing then you need to ensure they are on Ezinearticles for maximum traffic. Add in some backlinking to your article and you you will get traffic from you good rankings.


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