Base your social media strategy around content that people love to share

Sharing the right type of content on social media is very important to attract the attention of your target audience and also make them like you and interact with you. It is a waste of time and energy to create something that your audience is not likely to find interesting. Hence, you need to do proper research about the type of content that your audience would love to see and services like Instant Famous can help you with that.

Content that people love to see and share:

An analysis of the most popular type of content which generate the most interactions among users:

For status updates, life events like birthdays, engagements, marriages, anniversaries, travelogues, opinions, meeting friends, having a fun time with friends, partying, and new births are the most favorite topics.

People post photographs of themselves, their loved ones, and their pets. Travel photos also get posted very often. Among the videos, people are especially fond of sharing movie clips, cultural performances, and animals.

Apart from this, most members follow certain special interest pages and participate in their discussions regularly. Posts containing humor, sports, breaking news, and politics are also often likely to get shared.

People consider social networking to be great for a variety of reasons. While networking with friends, family, and colleagues seem to be the primary reason, it is certainly not the only one. They share content that they themselves love to read, and would want their friends to read as well.

Sometimes they support a cause and write about it to get more supporters. They also write reviews about food, books, movies, and various business establishments to let people know how they have liked or disliked the place

Content that is shared on the most popular social networks:

Any content that triggers a sense of happiness is more likely to be shared than content that evokes a feeling of sadness, anger, and resentment.

The following are the type of content that is generally shared in each of the popular networks:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. The primary activities include sharing of own status updates and reading and liking others’ posts, uploading photographs, sharing links to interesting content, like images and videos, etc. Many users also like to play the games that Facebook offers.

Most people access Twitter for reading and posting informational content. The posting of images, videos, life’s happenings, sharing interesting links to articles and blogs, etc. are also very popular.

Google plus is also a general-purpose network, and the reasons for using it are very similar to that of Facebook. People post their status updates, interesting links, photographs, and videos. They also +1 and comment on content posted by others.

While formulating content for posting on social media, keep these insights in mind to maximize the engagement that you can get from your audience.


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