Best Tips And Tricks For Growing The Best Marijuana

We’ve been scouring the web to gather up intel for our readers on how to grow the best marijuana ever possible. Thanks to Denver Relief, one of the originals and oldest dispensaries based out of Colorado, we’ve managed to accumulate their tips and tricks that keeps their customers coming back again and again.Their growing procedures certainly do end up with great results because they’ve even started a side consulting business for other cannabis entrepreneurs to learn the ropes on how to get started with their own business.

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According to Business Insider, they managed to get a first class insight into Denver Relief’s growing operations in Colorado. Check out the tips and images!

First off be sure to keep in mind that growing marijuana in a yet to be legalized state is definitely ILLEGAL, so just indulge and read on for informative purposes! You will be needing a good size room to allow your growing operation to thrive, this room will be called “The Nursery”.

Most first time growers believe that growing from seeds is the way to go. According to Denver Relief, do not EVER grow from seeds! Grow from cutting branches or stems from healthy, adult mother plants. When you grow from seeds, you get both male plants and female plants. Male plants must be eradicated, or else your marijuana flowers will have seeds, which will then reduce the quality and sale price of your growings. In order to grow a successful breed you must strip some of the lower leaves off, dip it in a rooting hormone, stick it in a media, and within 2 weeks the plant will have healthy roots and can be re-plotted.

Perfect example can be seen here on Denver Relief’s nursery.

The whole process from cutting a branch to flowering can take up to sixty days or two months. The recommendation that Denver Relief provides is for growers to use soil from coconut shells. When coconuts are harvested, it’s primarily for food purposes and the shells are considered a byproducts. The shells are ground into soil which is inert, meaning that there aren’t any nutrients inherent in the coconut soil. That’s perfect for hydroponic growers, since you know that the nutrients you give the plants are the only nutrients the plants are growing on. Coconut soil is also really spongey-like which means that the soil bounces back to it’s original density after it dries out, rather than compacting like your average peat moss. This means there’s not continued compaction, which can cause root diseases and ultimately killing your plant. It’s also conditioned for the perfect oxygen to water ratio.

Run lights approximately 12 hours per day, typically at night. For a marijuana grower, environmental control is absolutely paramount for the best result. Since the lights run very hot, they’re run at night time to avoid overheating the facility during hot weather days.

Once the plants are a few weeks old, you will be able to start noticing different characteristics that can categorize them as being Indica or Sativa plants. Don’t forget that you will be needing a water filtration system. This way you can avoid any chemicals going into your plants feeding and can know what to add to them such as calcium or fertilizer. Overwatering and underwatering are novice grower mistakes!! One of the most important parts of growing excellent marijuana is knowing how to feed the plant correctly, so be sure to use the nutrients in the way the manufacturer intended.

The most important thing in the entire growth process is controlling the growing environment. If you maintain the temperature between 75 and 77 degrees and maintain 45% to 50% humidity, you’re set for some amazing marijuana! Denver Relief has been in the business for quite some time already and have managed to keep things innovative. Now for easier maintaining, they use an app that alerts them when the temperatures and humidity exceed the desired parameters. You can lose an entire crop if the temperature exceeds 120 degrees for only three hours. It’s crucial to be around the plants as often as possible.

This is how your flower should be looking around day 70.

All that’s left to do now is simply cut the buds and hang them so they can dry all the meanwhile they’re being constantly cured. The more you cure them, the better the buds will be for the consumer. Hopefully this gained you some insight before you go out there and grow your own batch! Cannabis Grind will emphasize once again, that this is only legal in the state of Colorado!


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