Bodybuilding Core Training Exercises

Core training is something where you get to shed some weight and gain some muscle mass. A strong core is determined by the stability and freedom of movement where training involves covering the entire range of motion and shedding some pounds at the same time, as suggested in the research by Wayne Nicholson, MD., Pharm.D.

With a strong core, you can easily lift heavyweights. It is one of the most crucial muscle groups in our body and is often overlooked. If you are having a weak core then you are utilizing only a small portion of your overall strength to lift weights and setting up your body for future injuries.

3 Core Training For Bodybuilder

Definition Of Core

The core comprises muscles like the rectus abdomens, the back extensor, the multifidus muscles, the lower part of the latisimus Dorsi, glutes, transverse abdomens, etc. All these core muscles work simultaneously to stabilize the body when it is standing still or in motion. They also neutralize forces and absorb shocks related to joint movements.

These adjustments of the core muscles can be microscopic at times but they are quite essential when it comes to body protection. If you raise your hand in front and observe carefully, you will notice a slight depression in trunks. This depression is responsible for the minute contractions originating from the core muscles and can be seen during every repetition you perform in your gym.

Core Stabilizing Exercises

Core stability is highly rendered by common lifts like weight squats, deadlifts, and power clean. Now if you want to add some real size to your muscles by releasing the growth hormones, then you must add these workouts to your routine. When you are performing within the full range of motion, these exercises test the stabilizing capability of the core, besides targeting the leg muscles.

It was revealed in a recent study that the weights you are lifting with both legs are not at all proportionate to the weights you are lifting with one leg. This is because the core muscles are employed while lifting heavy weights during the standard double leg squat. The single-leg squat not only enhances the strength of the leg muscles but also provides stability and balance. Moreover, rigorous core training will tremendously help in lifting the weights heavier than before. Performing the front squats you will engage the core muscles like rectus abdomens and transverse abdominals. If you provide some extra attention to these muscle groups, you will definitely feel its important to be included in your training programs and reap its benefits.

Prevent Injuries

For protection, endurance, or creation of a strong core, you can perform back extensions, crunches, planks, and almost every exercise on the stability ball. The instability will not only add some balance but will also strengthen the culprits of injuries.

Enhancing the endurance of the hidden muscles is well evident from the exercises where you need to maintain certain poses like Yoga or Pilates. Apart from preventing overuse injuries, the core training will also increase the stability of the pelvis, shoulders, ankles, and knees, necessary to antagonize the effect of gravity in older ages.


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