Can Bears Eat Honey? Fascinating Things About Animals!

Bears are considered one of the most amazing carnivores. They live in the wild, hunt down their prey and keep their territory to themselves. Most bear species are quite selective about their diet. They are cautious hunters, looking for new ways to survive in the wild. What is more incredible is that the diet of a bear drastically changes and varies according to seasons. Apart from feasting on a lot of wild animals and even fishes, bears also love honey. Although it is quite surprising, here are some of the facts that support this statement.

Honey and bears: The simple connection!

As a kid, you all must have been acquainted with the Disney character, Pooh the bear! Pooh surely carries a jar of honey wherever he goes with this friends. This is not a simple assumption but a reality. Bears love to eat honey for the reason that they feast on bees. Most commonly, black bears and brown bears eat honey as they also feed on beehives.

However, in this case, there is always an exemption. The sweetness of the honey isn’t suitable for all bear species. Therefore, only selected ones to love to eat honey. Once the bear is used to the honeycomb, they start eating the bees. When the larva is in their stomach, the bears feel full. Additionally, honey is full of nutrients that are extremely helpful for their overall body buildup. It develops their bones and muscles. Hence, eating honey is quite helpful for bears.

Most importantly, honey comprises of the high content of glucose. This allows the bears to replenish the natural sugar in their body. Further, honey is free from side-effects and keeps the bears warm during the winter months. Therefore, there isn’t any kind of rapid changes in the body. All the more, bears find it pretty tempting to consume honey at all times.

How do bears find honey?

Bees are excellent in shielding themselves against wild predators. They already keep themselves in tight areas when they find a predator approaching them. However, bears are also quick in finding their way. They attack fast and consume all the sweet honey. Some of the experts think that bears are attracted to the sweetness of the honey. Being carnivores in nature, bears tend to meat a lot. But the consumption of honey is also a part of their diet too. Hence, if there is a beehive around, bears will find it soon enough and can consume all of it.

While consuming honey, bears can also digest the bees too. This is a part of their nature and something not unnatural at all. You will find a lot of new ways by which bears prey in beehives only to find their sweetness around. At Woodsmanreport website, gives you extra details about bears and honey. One of the reasons why bears have such a thick coat is because they consume honey. Apart from their daily diet, a small portion of it surely comprises of honey!


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