Choose Your Favorite Trait In SIMS 4 !

A favorite game for video game lovers

Video games are a brilliant time pass for people. You never know how much time you can spend on a game if you like it. One such fan-favorite game that you can play is ‘The Sims 4.’ It is a life simulation game wherein you have to play with characters and control how they live their lives.

It has an aspect in it called the sims 4 how to change traits after my story. That will help you to change the look, personality, bonus, and death of the character. These traits make the game more fun as you feel more connected to the game. You can make the personalities of them, similar to what you like. Therefore, it will give a feeling of yourself when you play with them.

Reasons why people like to change the avatars

There are many reasons why people like to change or pick a particular trait of the character. They want it to interact and have a conversation in a way that is different from others. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • When people change the looks and personalities of their character, they feel more connected to them. It also makes them happier in playing with those avatars.
  • When people choose their favorite traits in the character they are playing with, it makes the game more appealing. They find the game more exciting and fun than ever. It is because they connect more with them and feel better.
  • While playing video games, many people do not like to interact with others. But when they choose their favorite traits in their character, they tend to open up more.

These are some of the reasons people like to use  sims 4 how to change traits after my story.

Way to change the traits

The way of changing the traits and personalities of the character is straightforward. You will get to the cheat consoles to make changes in these traits. To open that, you will have to enter CTRL + Shift + C. Here you get the chance to write the cheats that you want to test. There you will find the opportunity to change the traits of your avatars. When you click on the option of modify in Cas, you will find a menu where you can select your favorite looks, gender, and other kinds of stuff.

Different modes that you can select

SIMS 4 has a lot of characters, which you can choose from always. All of these characters have different personalities and bonuses. You will find character mods like the Guitar Legend, Artistic Prodigy, baby maker, etc. For people who like cooking, you can also have a born chef trait. There is another character called the Tech genius for those who are into technology-related kinds of stuff. If you play the game and you the cheat consoles, you will know more about it. So why wait for more? Get your smartphones and start playing the brilliant life simulation game.


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