Drug Testing – No worries

When faced with drug tests for workplace safety, there is no need to worry anymore. There are many great products available that can help you pass a drug test without having to give up drugs that may cause your results to show up positive. These products can help you protect your privacy while protecting your job at the same time. One of the products available from Spectrum Labs that is extremely popular because of its ease of use is Urine Luck. Here we will explore it in more detail.

What is Urine Luck?

Urine Luck is a product that can be added to a urine specimen to destroy the metabolites of banned substances. The current Urine Luck product that is available cannot be detected by any of the urine drug tests for employment. The product comes in two very small vials that are about the size of a little finger. The product has been designed for a person that uses it daily as there are no preparations needed before taking a urine drug test.

How does the product work

Urine Luck should only be used if the test is administered is a CC or MS test as the product has to be in the urine sample for at least 90 minutes before it becomes effective. Urine Luck works by changing the molecular structure of compounds found in the urine. This will change the chemical properties of the specimen as well. This product works best on the tests mentioned above rather than a pre-employment drug screening. The reason is that most pre-employment drug screens are tested using strips immediately after the sample of urine is provided to those who require it. These tests do not allow enough time for the product to take effect.

While the product does start to work as soon as it is placed in the urine, it works much better the longer it stays in the urine. To use the product you simply shake both vials that are provided and add the entire contents of both vials to around 60mL to 90mL of urine. In order to achieve the best results, you should eat and drink as normal and not skip any meals. You will want to urinate around two or three times before you use the product and try not to drink more than 300mL of fluids an hour on the day.

The reason that Urine Luck is popular is that it is so easy to use. You can simply carry the vials into the drug-testing station and shake them up and pour them into your urine sample. There is no need to quit smoking or using other substances as the product will change the structure of the urine to fool the test and create a negative result.


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