Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly – Know about the exercises 

Many people seem to beleive that they can “spot reduce” and burn fat on select areas of their body or that using very light weights and doing a high number of repetitions is the most effective way to sculpt their physique.

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However, the reality is that you need to train as a bodybuilder if you want to build a well-defined, lean and shapely body. And this goes for women too!

Here’s why…

When you’re doing exercises to lose weight quickly always keep in mind that you need to maintain and build lean muscle mass. Muscle burns calories on its own because it’s a metabolically active tissue. Therefore, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will work.

To build lean muscle mass you need to lift weights that push you to your limits.

Why? Because this stimulates muscle growth.

Thus, if you don’t push yourself hard, you won’t get results from your weight training. It’s as simple as that!

When you do exercises to lose fat quickly your weight training reps should be in the low to medium range.

If you do high reps with light weights it will not burn more fat. This is a common misconception and misguided notion among many people.

Burning fat on a specific body part simply cannot be achieved. However, you should know that training with weights doesn’t automatically mean that your fat will magically melt from areas you work on. But, what weight training WILL do for you is speed up your metabolism via supporting growth and maintenance of muscle. This will help you burn fat over your entire body.

In terms of upper body exercises to lose weight quickly, the ideal number of repetitions is between 5 and 10. This means that the weight should be such that it allows you to do at least 5, but no more than 10 reps (all with proper form).

Lower body muscles, on the other hand, are more responsive than upper body ones. This means that you should do up to 25 repetitions to achieve results. However, when you do complex and difficult lower body exercises such as lunges or squats it’s best to keep your reps between 10 and 15 so you will minimize your chances for injury.

When doing exercises to lose weight quickly you need to train hard and try to increase your poundage each week.

In addition to increasing the weight, you’ll need to make sure you get enough rest between each set. Resting between 30 to 60 seconds is sufficient. However, more rest is recommended (at least 2 minutes) if you want muscles to fully rest.

Thus, resting your muscles is very important if you’re weight training to lose fat because this will ensure that you’re 100% ready for the next set. Depending on each person’s needs, rests between sets can range anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes.

Finally, remember that weight training to lose fat isn’t the same as cardio. Burning fat in one spot isn’t your goal because that’s not possible. What you are focusing on is stimulating muscle growth so that your metabolism speeds up and burns fat all over your body. Of course, more lean muscle will give you a more athletic looking body. This is what exercises to lose weight quickly are all about!


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