Fat Loss Secrets Revealed – Check the secrets revealed 

What are the 5 fat loss secrets revealed for a better body?

When it comes to fitness and looking great, the main part of the body that should look good is abdominal muscles. We need to get rid of that ugly belly fat and it is the worst fat accumulating part of our body. There are many different fitness techniques being recommended everyday and the one which is the best needs further investigation.

We need to find the right abdominal exercises to give us that best looking ripped middle part of our body. We need to engage ourselves in both:

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  • Body building routines
  • Fitness exercise

Belly fat be gone should be the motto for us all. As other articles on this website have suggested that we should also have an ideal fat burning diet for all the good reasons. So this will need:

  • Abdominal exercises
  • Midsection exercises

A fat reducing diet and exercise plan will provide a program which you can work to. There is no such thing as a fast fat burning plan and you will need to gradually apply fat burning techniques over a number of weeks before full fat burning muscles can be restored.

Our secret fat burning plan:

  • Secret 1

you will need to take less calories and not stop eating all together. Fasting will not reduce your fat levels but a controlled decrease in food intake will. No diet plan should try to reduce the rate of optimum metabolism.

  • Secret 2

try to build a good looking body and not necessarily having the lowest weight possible. If your body is getting to a fit and good looking shape (with less bulges everywhere and less fat hanging off the arms and the legs) you will be doing well.

  • Secret 3

gain that muscle and muscles are the main body element which burns fat. The more exercises which gain muscle, the better it will be to reduce the extra fat. Just dieting alone will not help in having a good looking body.

  • Secret 4

the best time to exercise is in the morning when your glycogen levels are low and by exercising early (walking or running) without having breakfast, you will burn off that little extra fat every day.

  • Secret 5

try and have 5 to 6 smaller meals over the day period. You will need to keep your insulin or blood sugar level at a constant level throughout the day. Make sure you eat a well balanced diet.

Carbs should at 40% in a regular meal, consisting of:

  • Broccoli
  • Brown rice
  • Green beans
  • Oat meal
  • Sweet potatoes

Proteins should be at 40% in a regular meal, consisting of:

  • Chicken
  • Lean meats
  • Tuna
  • Turkey

Fat should be at 20% in a regular meal, consisting of:

  • Extra virgin oil
  • Flex seed oil

For forming ideal abdominal muscles, we should try to have the following body fat:

  • Men below 10%
  • Women below 14%

For those desiring that beautiful six packs, we need the fat to be:

  • Men below 8%
  • Women below 12%

Weight training is important in building muscle and a one hour routine for 5 days a week will greatly help us to achieve our objectives.

Timing is important to reduce fat, otherwise more fat will build up, ideally losing 1 lb of fat a week will be great and manageable and trying to lose more than this may lose our desire to manage the process. It must be stated that losing fat is not an easy process and a high level of fat in our bodies is not best. We can equally have high weight but this should be on the basis of having low fat in our bodies.

Staying on a crushing low calorie diet must be balanced with maintaining our ideal body metabolic levels. Our metabolism must be controlled and kept at a certain level and a slow metabolism will not help in losing weight or fat. For five days have a good diet programme but on the weekend have a few extra calories to balance the metabolic body levels.


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