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Why Brands Must Use Google+

In the era of modern technology and the ever-emerging presence of social media, Google+ is perceived as a sleeping giant – waiting peacefully, looking forward to that moment when the day comes that users will flood their platform with traffic and activities. In terms of videos, TikTok is getting more and more popular across the globe. With millions of users and the option to buy TikTok followers, it is really easy for users to grow their accounts in a short amount of time. 

That’s how things have gone before. At this point, it seems that we, the people, are the ones who seem to be sleeping as there’s actually an ascent of the value and functionality towards branding.

WE are aware or many have heard of Google+ pages, right? And we can notice that there are many brands that have their own Google+ pages.

But unfortunately, not all of these businesses are aware of how they can utilize their Google+ page.

The truth is, Google+ has become the 2nd most highly populated platform in social media, and yet, many people are unaware of how it actually works.

For one, the reason could be simply because; Google+ forces people to join them. Their strategy of somehow forceful signup on Pages as you create your own Gmail is actually working.

And with just all of that, Google+ has found the key to transforming a brand’s marketing and imagery.

Top 5 reasons why brands must utilize Google+:

First up, you can have “local pages for business”. Whenever you create a Google+ local page, you can actually put your business on Google Maps. You may include your business address and it will appear on the local search engine for nearby locations, and that will improve your reach to possible customers around the vicinity.

On local pages, clients are allowed to place their reviews and ratings of your business. This way, people can view other positive experiences and will increase your brand’s good reputation. On the other hand, you can also have the opportunity to address negative reviews directly.

When you use Google+, you can actually make your page content reach Google’s top page on the search engine. Sites that appear on the first pages of Google search are very influential. More followers on Google+ mean more relevance in the field of your business. Brainstorming for ranking AdWords and figuring out search engine optimization have long been gone, and all you have to do is to create great Google+ page content to go to the top

Third, up, is Google Helpouts. Designed in aiming to provide help to people anywhere, anytime, this Google+ feature was introduced last year. Brands can give free make-up video tutorials, language lessons, and even video logs on instructions for decorating your garden. Services from various brands are actually rated and reviewed, and people will definitely acknowledge who the experts are especially that Helpouts provide instant credence and authority.

Fourth on the list: Google+ provides effective outreach to influencers. The Circles feature is your partner. You can sort followers as influencers, leads, follow-ups, repeat clients, and etc. You can get many ideas from them – trending topics, hot conversations, and popular products/services/brands. Also, try to share genuine relationships with your clients and audience to extend your online presence.

Fifth, you can stay ahead of the game. Most of us have no idea what Google+ is. Since it’s not that popular yet, but how about you try to learn more about it? Use it regularly, and before you know it, your brand has become a top page on Google+ and this will definitely help your business in so many ways.


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