Have Your Chipped Tooth Repaired

Today is the day. The class pictorial is soon to take place and you have been practicing your perfect smile. Then your name was called. It was your turn. When you see your picture, you notice that you have a chipped tooth. Would that not embarrass you? This is a scenario no person would want to be in. american dental association has sorted out many easy and simple ways for getting the treatment for the people suffering from dental issues.

You can get a free consult by calling the helpline number. Quite a number of people are having their smiles ruined because of chipped teeth. You may have the prettiest face, but you know that the appearance of the teeth is still a big factor. A chipped tooth can make a lot of difference to a person. Luckily for the victims, there are a lot of ways for chipped tooth repair. Some people prefer to leave minor damages unattended, thinking that it will not grow worse. What they do not know is that a chipped tooth is vulnerable to further damages. Not only this, the health of the teeth can also be affected. Below are some of the chipped tooth repair methods that you may avail of if you want to rid yourself of a broken tooth.

One chipped tooth repair method is bonding. Plastic resin or any bonding material can be used to fix chips and other imperfections in your teeth. What a dentist would do is buff your teeth and will put phosphoric acid to produce crevices in the teeth’s enamel. The crevice is where the resin will stick and slip into. The resin will be sculpted by the dentist into a shape that will look natural. He will then polish the teeth so the resin’s color will match your real tooth. Tooth contouring and reshaping is also an option. This is recommended if you want a quick way of chipped tooth repair. The dentist will take away a bit of the tooth enamel and will replace it with a small bonding. This bonding will then be sculpted for a new look. Tooth contouring and reshaping is an affordable and instant way to repair damages and chips in your teeth.

If you do not want both aforementioned procedures, you have another option – porcelain veneers. In this process, you can mask the chipped tooth and whiten it at the same time with the porcelain veneers. Veneers are ceramic masks in the teeth that can be slipped in the front of the teeth. During the process, the dentist will buff half a millimeter off the teeth to create more room for the veneer covering. Once this is done, he then will cast a mold that will be based on the newly thinned tooth. You will be asked to return to the clinic after some time so the veneers will be fitted and sealed permanently into place with the use of blue light and cement.

However hygienic you are when it comes to your teeth, you still cannot avoid some damages to it. Some of these chipped tooth repair procedures may be heavy in the pockets. It will be best to avoid things that can ruin your teeth so that you need not go through any of these repair methods in the first place.


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