Hookah Buying Guide

Large Hookah Pipes – (28″ – 32″)

Large hookahs often come with higher quality hoses and stems that will hold up to countless years of smoking enjoyment. Owners of hookah bars know investing their money into larger; often more expensive hookahs, will save headaches due to their greater quality and durability.

Large hookahs are also considered to have a more enjoyable smoke. This is due to the larger areas of capacity such as the bigger base and taller stem. This increase in volume allows more smoke to build and cool and it passes through each part.

Medium Hookah Pipes – (24″ – 28″)

Medium hookahs are the perfect compromise when you want the convenience of a multi hose hookah but can’t spend a lot of money on a large hookah. Most hookah companies offer medium hookahs in one and two hose varieties.

Each hookah, regardless of size, is made with the same attention to detail that will allow them to last for many, many years of enjoyment. Medium hookahs are great for apartments or dorm rooms when little space is available but can also look great as a decorative piece in larger areas as well.

Small Hookah Pipes – (14″ – 24″)

Small hookahs are probably the most economical hookahs on the market. Their compact size makes them convenient in that small hookahs can be transported more easily from place to place.

Small hookahs, usually one hose only, are perfect for single person use because less tobacco needs is used. Since they are so petite, small hookahs do not usually have an elaborately decorated stem. That most certainly doesn’t make them any less effective.

So, if you can’t afford the larger hookahs right now, small hookahs may be the perfect solution for a tight budget.

1 Hose Hookahs

One hose hookahs are best for individual smokers as well as multiple smokers who don’t mind sharing a single hose. For hygienic reasons there are disposable mouth pieces available that fit at the tip of the hose to maintain sanitation for these smoking sessions. These mouth pieces should always be used at hookah bars and cafes.

It would be extremely relaxing after a long day at work to take some time, sit down and enjoy a smoke. If you are planning to share your hookah between several people, the base will have to be turned towards each user so that the hookah will not be over extended and break.

There is however a solution to this problem, try a rotating hookah.

2 Hose Hookahs

Two hose hookahs are a better option for smaller parties than those with more hoses. Two hose hookahs allow for one on one time to catch up with an old friend or significant other. Since both of you will have their own hose, each person can smoke at their own pace and not worry about passing a hose back and forth.

If you are worried about smoking alone when you have a multi hose hookah, don’t worry, most multi hose hookahs come with a valve to block the other hoses when not in use. If your pipe was not supplied with one, there are rubber plugs available for purchase that will aid in this operation.

3 Hose Hookahs

Three hose hookahs are more social by nature since they allow so many people to smoke simultaneously. This size hookah invites more people to share in the smoking session than its smaller counterparts. Three hose hookahs come with longer hoses to accommodate the extra space in a larger circle of smokers. This size hookah seems to be the favorite among smokers in the US and Canada.

4 Hose Hookahs

Four hose hookahs are the pinnacle of hookah ownership. These are rarer than other type hookahs because of the large number of hoses present. Don’t worry about the extra connections when smoking alone; there are stoppers available for purchase to close off the unused hoses. Four hose hookahs can accommodate the largest number of smokers at one time.

What’s worse than sitting for what seems like hours for your chance to taste the intriguing flavors of tobacco when there are so many people in the rotation? With four hose hookahs, the wait time is decreased since four people can smoke at once.

So, if you plan to have all of your friends over to share your hookah, go ahead and splurge, buy a four hose hookah today.

Rotating Hookahs

Rotating hookahs are great for large gatherings since you will not have to worry about turning the base every time you need to pass the hose. This is also great news since this hookah reduces the risk of tipping over and spilling the hot charcoal.

Rotating hookahs are mounted on a base that includes ball bearings that rotate 360 degrees. Buying rotating hookahs is an alternative to the multi-hosed option.

So there you have it, some important tips for buying hookah even though youngsters are smart enough to make their own arrangements in such matter as hookah has become their favorite pastime, which is why they frequent these lounges from time to time and rightfully so as it releases tension and stress from a hard day’s work but it contains almost negligible nicotine and zero tobacco content and that is a good enough reason for people to take it up aside from the variety of flavors available.


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