How Pests Can Affect Your Homes Resale Value

This is the season of housewarming where people are getting adjusted to a new place and new home with some interesting interior designs and floorings done from but the main problem that we face is pests and termites that greatly affect the resale value of the house, which we shall look into in this article.

e case, then you’ll want to ensure that your home is free from pest problems. As far as factors that affect resale value go, many of us tend to overlook pests as one of them. But a serious pest problem can cause all types of headaches, particularly if you’re renovating your property to make it more appealing when it comes time to sell it for a profit.

Here are just some ways in which a pest problem can impact on the resale value of your home.

  1. Damage

Certain pests are notorious for the damage they cause. Chief offenders include termites, rats/mice, and certain ant species. As you know, termites can greatly damage any home that’s built on some type of wooden foundations (or, at least, contains wood within the house). Rats and mice have a tendency to chew through electrical cords and other important power sources and there are specific ant species that can burrow into certain parts of your home and create nests there.

All of this damage, if left unaccounted for, is something that will be considered when your home is valued. It is also something that potential buyers will be wary of. Is it really worth the cost of them to purchase your home if it has sustained notable damage?

  1. Filth

Pests are also problematic because of the filth they leave behind. When discussing pests, the likes of cockroaches, flies and rats/mice all come to mind as those that can leave your home in an unpleasant, filth-ridden state. While spiders and ants may be a little cleaner in the pest world, cockroaches, flies and rats/mice are notorious for rummaging through garbage and waste.

If your home suffers from any infestation regarding these pests, you’ll need to address them ASAP. It’s obvious that someone isn’t that likely to purchase a home with a pest infestation problem, but also be mindful that someone may still be apprehensive to purchase your home at a set price if you only recently resolved a pest problem.

  1. Health risks

Many pests are carriers of disease or capable of causing severe sickness purely because of their unclean behaviour. We’ve covered some of the diseases certain pests can cause, but suffice to say, they include the likes of dysentery, salmonella and even leprosy. Some of these may be extreme examples, but depending on an individual’s own tolerance and immune system, pests can present a whole host of potential health risks for them. No one’s going to buy a home that could put their health at risk.


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