How To Do Exercises To Work Abdominals

Most people don’t want to stick around for an extra half an hour after a workout to do your abs. If I told you that you can work in enough for your abs so that you don’t have to do a separate workout, you’d probably like that. I’m going to give you a 15 minute workout for the top half of your body that will train your arms, torso, and back while doing your abs at the same time. I’m going to give you these exercises in pairs that you will do together as sets.

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  1. Chin ups and spider pushups. You’ll be surprised how exercises that seem unrelated to your abs will work them hard.

In fact, chin ups are very effective for abdominal training. Start the chin ups hanging from the bar.

As you tighten your body and brace your abdominals pull your body up until your chin is over the bar.

Do enough of these so that you are one short of maxing out. After this is done, move directly into the spider push-up.

As you lower yourself, bring a knee to your elbow and return it. Alternate the leg brought forward as you do these repetitions.

  1. Upright dumbbell shoulder press and weighted rows. Gripping the DB overhand, put your other hand on your side as you push the weight up.

Do eight reps on each side. Go straight to the bell rows. Keep your body straight and do 10 reps of the exercise.

You’ll work your abdominals really well by doing this.

  1. Now let’s do two arm workouts that will also do your abs: the lying extension of triceps and the single hand curling of the dumbbell. Give a little extra at the bottom part so that you get a good abdominal stretch.

Get the dumbbells over your head and then repeat. Close out the process with the standing dumbbell curl. Use a larger weight to get your abs involved.


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