How To Get A Flatter Belly With Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Like many women, I had trouble losing weight after having kids. Prior to pregnancy, I had always been very fit and trim, and could eat practically anything I wanted without having to worry about the consequences (in terms of my waistline). But how things have changed now! It seems that I’ve been struggling for years to lose the last five pounds of extra fat that I gained during when I was pregnant. Most of that weight is concentrated in my belly, giving me a very noticeable paunch that gets in the way of wearing sexy clothes. I clearly need to add some abdominal exercise equipment to my routine.

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Since I’ve been trying to slim down, I closely watch what I eat. I’m on a low-carb, low-fat diet, and do not eat packaged chips, cookies, crackers, or similar junk food. I also work out six days per week, alternating between running four miles outdoors and going to the gym to hit the Stairmaster and weights. From what I’ve read, this kind of routine should absolutely allow me to return to my old fit and trim self. But that’s not happening, which is why I’m going to buy abdominal exercise equipment to use at home.

There are many different types of abdominal exercise equipment available today, so it could take a while for me to settle on a particular product. Some of the abdominal exercise equipment I’ve seen is sold via late-night infomercials and seems pretty gimmicky. I’m obviously going to stay away from that stuff because I’m not interested in wasting money.

Instead, I want something that will help me work my core without straining my back or neck the way traditional sit-ups or crunches can. Whenever I try to incorporate sit-ups or crunches, I end up having to stop just a week or two later because my back simply cannot take the strain. I know there are some advanced pieces of abdominal exercise equipment that can target my abs and core without taxing my back muscles too much. These are the products I need to check out ASAP.

First I’ll probably head down to the local sports store to see what kind of abdominal exercise equipment they have in stock. There usually isn’t a huge selection in places like that, but they’re likely to carry the most popular products and at least I’ll be able to give the machine a test run. Next, I’ll probably read some reviews of different machines to see what has worked for other people. Then once I find something I want to buy, I can browse online for bigger discounts or whatever.

I’m tired of this bulging belly and the constant dieting I’m putting myself through in order to lose a lousy five pounds and firm up my abs. I think the answer here is to use abdominal exercise equipment for something like this instead of just jogging and using the Stairmaster. Hopefully I can find something effective!


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