How To Lose 10 Pounds

Want to know how to lose 10 pounds? Being able to lose 10 pounds so that you will be looking better and feeling better is something that anyone can do if you want it bad enough and you are willing to work at it long enough. The 3 steps needed are simply, preparing mentally, changing your eating habits and increasing your daily activity level.

Even though they may appear to be very simple, they will require a significant amount of determination and commitment in order for them to work for you. Losing weight is only easy once you get going or once you have accomplished it.

Other than that it will usually start out being very, very challenging and thats true for almost everyone who has successfully been able to set a weightloss goal to lose 10 pounds or more and has achieved it. If you have ever tried in the past and failed you will know this to be true.

This is why it is so important that you realize that for you to be successful with these 3 simple steps to lose 10 pounds or more, you will first need to develop the daily desire and persistence needed to make this system work for you.

The Main Reason Why People Are Not Able To Lose 10 Pounds Or More

There are a lot of reasons why a person will give up on their weight loss goal of being able to lose 10 pounds of more, some of the reasons include things like, lack of well power, forgetfulness, lack of support, change of mind, etc, etc, etc…

However one of the main reasons why most people will fail to lose 10 pounds or more is because of lack of lasting motivation. Its normal to have a lot of motivation right before you start working on your weight loss goal, but if you do not have a way of keeping that motivation going then it is likely that you will not get very far towards achieving your goal to lose 10 pounds or more. This is why preparing mentally is covered in the very first step.

Step #1 In Reaching Your Goal To Lose 10 Pounds Or More

Mental Preparation – How well you do with this step will determine how fast and how well you progress towards achieving your goal of being able to lose 10 pounds or more. The key to being able to achieve that goal is to be able to remember and re-kindle that drive and desire on a daily basis. Make sure to pamper yourself and give yourself some treat like Salon Nine28 services so you will be more motivated in doing your workout.

One way to do this is to develop the habit of thinking to yourself each night, that you are going to make tomorrow another successful day that you work on making progress all day towards your goal to lose 10 pounds or more.

By doing this and thinking about how good it will feel to be lighter and look slimmer you will become more optimistic and wake up more prepare to move forward on your commitment.

Another step that you can take to help you win the mental game of being able to lose 10 pounds or more is to set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier than when you actually need to get out of bed. Now, during those few extra minutes, lye in bed and think about how good life will be for you when you reach your weight loss goal.

Then before you get out of bed, confidently affirm to yourself that you are going to make today another successful day that you make progress all day long towards achieving your goal to lose 10 pounds or more.

The third and final step in your mental weight loss strategy is to keep doing things to continuously focus and refocus your mind on being successful and how good that will feel. You can do this by repeating affirmations such as “I am achieving my goal to lose 10 pounds or more” as often as possible throughout the day.

You can have pictures of how you will look at your idea weight or you could have a picture of someone that you admire who inspires you as a result of them being at an idea weight. The key is to do as much as you can to set yourself up for a positive, exciting and successful day.

Step 2 In Reaching Your Goal To Lose 10 Pounds Or More

Once you have a good plan put together to help keep you motivated everyday you will then be ready for the next step, which is to :

Change your eating habits – This may be the most difficult step that you will be required to take in order to be able to achieve your goal and lose 10 pounds or more but it is essential that you do it. This may involve eliminating fattening foods like – fast foods, foods high in carbs such as breads and other baked goods, potatoes, pasta, etc and replacing them with more fruits, vegetables and proteins. Along with drinking plenty of water to help your body keep flushing out excess calories and staying well hydrated.

The best way to do this is to plan the foods that you will eat in advance – This should be done as you are making your grocery list and should include things like eggs for protein, Fruits (apples, grapefruit, oranges), Vegetables, black beans, lean meats like fish and poultry.

You should also make time to plan your meal times, which should start with a healthy energizing breakfast and include 4 more small meals with the last one being at least 2 hours before your bedtime.

Planning your meals in advance will not only increase the likelihood that you will stick with your plan to lose 10 pounds or more but it can also be a big “time saver” throughout your week for you as well.

Step 3.) In Reaching Your Goal To Lose 10 Pounds Or More

Increase your daily activity levels and get a full nights rest. – You should now take the time to create a daily activity plan. Your goal here


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