Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers is a great singer with true obsession on plastic surgery. He has changed his facial outline with several surgeries. The country crooner didn’t admit at first that he had one. According to a live interview, he denied of having plastic surgeries in his life. But the amusing fact that his face has changed its figure may be the thing that reveals Kenny Rogers plastic surgery. After awhile, he admitted that he went to see doctor for the surgery. He thought that he had all the money and all the access to the best doctors. Plus, he had the time to do so. His face changing procedure was not done in one time. It was more than once!

Nobody had believed at the time that the man with the golden voice would resort to going under the knife because his fans did not care about how he looked as it was his voice that they were crazy about but then, you can find almost every celebrity from the entertainment industry going for plastic surgery with Anand Med Spa being an excellent place to try out.

Kenny Rogers is a friend to Dolly Parton. He often discussed about the surgery to his country mate and both laughed about it. Kenny thought that he would have better look if he did it. He was satisfied with the result because he did not regret any of it. The singer opened up about how he was to driven about that. Also, his failed marriage of 5 times didn’t look impressive at all to him. He also made a statement that it was all his fault that his marriages failed. He was not able to protect his relationship. When confronted about the topic Kenny Rogers plastic surgery, he didn’t have the regrets but feel the need to have the experience.

The aspiring singer also published his memoir. Inside the book, you can read about Kenny plastic surgery, his romance, his marriage failures and everything else in between. He also recalled the times when he abused drugs. The memoir, Luck or Something Like it, is a huge controversy because it reveals how many times Kenny did the plastic surgery because he felt the need of having them! Also, rumor has it that he and Dolly Parton are currently having romantic relationship. The plastic surgery he had done all this time was thought to make him feel better about himself. He was not sure at first but he made his way through and feel confident about it just as confident as telling it to the public.


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