Know About Collagen Injection

Collagen injection is one of the most renowned anti-aging treatments after Calgary botox followed by people all across the world. The treatment is cautiously designed to treat your aging lines, wrinkles from your face. However, before you get into the depth of the treatment, it is essential to understand how collagen affects our skin and slowly removes the visible wrinkles on them.

Collagen, an abundantly produced natural body protein found in our body is the structural element that provides support to our skin, tendons, bones, and also muscles. Collagen is the skin is like a closely woven network that forms the basic shape and texture of our skin. However, with the natural aging process, the high amount of collagen secretion in our body decreases gradually thus causing wrinkles and sagging skin of the face, neck, etc. It is here that the collagen injections act as a great source of collagen which thus helps to rejuvenate your skin giving it a youthful look as earlier.

Designed exclusively for treating wrinkles and scars, Collagen injection treatment is one of the most favorable skin-repairing methods followed by the majority of women all across the globe. The quality and long-lasting results availed from the treatment is another reason for its wide popularity. The treatment takes less than an hour’s time while its results are seen appearing on the face within a day or two of the injection.

Collagen fillers injected deep into the skin of the affected areas include other synthetic materials that also play a vital role in removing the wrinkles from the face. As a result, the effect of the treatment lasts for about three to a maximum of 6 months. However, the treatment also has several added complications that need to be controlled carefully under all possible conditions. Some of these skin complications caused due to the injection include an allergic reaction, bruising, infection, cystic ulceration, etc.

The complications are mainly caused due to several reasons which also include special allergic reactions in people for certain medications. This is one of the major risks that all patients undergoing the treatment face. An allergic reaction with symptoms like rashes, swelling on the face, etc. can pop up soon after the injection.

Some of the collagen products extracted from animals are hence prone to cause allergic reactions in the body of the patients. Although, most of these products are clinically studied and used before being brought out into the market. Collagen is moreover a part of the dermis which is hence used as a dermal filler for the treatment. This collagen filler is inserted into the skin using a needle which is pricked into the skin after applying local or topical anesthesia. In case you undergo a lip augmentation treatment, the collagen lip injection is pricked on the lips. However, it is known that injecting collagen on the lips may block nerves which can be a rather painful experience.

The collagen injection is available in several forms. Injecting the wrong collagen product you’re your skin can also trigger a reaction on your face. Some of the common ones included are Zyplast and Zyderm. Around the 1980s these were extracted and purified from the cow skin. Both the collagen products are used to fill the scars on your face and remove the wrinkles. However, these two collagen extracts can possibly cause an allergic reaction in your body. Apart from these two, two other collagen products namely Cosmoplast and Cosmoderm are used by skin specialists all across the world. Cosmoplast and Cosmoderm are both FDA approved for cosmetic use in clinics. Hence, you can remove the wrinkles from your face. However, in case of an infection, you should promptly take the help of a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Most of the allergic reactions caused can be rightly cured with proper treatment.


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