Like to Play PUBG Like a Pro? Follow These Simple Steps

PUBG is the name; the young generation is running behind across the world. After being part of numerous controversies and changing their partnership with China, the game is still at the top of the table.

It needs a lot of features on your phone. If you are willing to play the game and win it, you need to have a smartphone with all the updated features at this moment. Some of the regular gamers are playing PUBG for years now. To compete with them, you need some knowledge about the game by using strategies on the game.

Steps to follow

Users with steam pubg account from different countries, of varying age group are playing Players Unknown Battle Ground, but they are familiar with the name PUBG Mobile. You should not provide a chance to the opponents to understand that you are a beginner. You have to play bold like a pro in the game. You have to know the following steps-

  • Take care of the button sizes. The beginners may find all the buttons as it is, but you should use customizing the controls to play like a pro. You can change the layout of buttons to your advantage.
  • If you are a lefty, or whatever may seem right for you, you should make the buttons of necessary actions like a trigger, jump, and others nearer with large icons to sue them promptly.
  • With the latest update, now you can adjust the screen size of the game on your screen. The latest smartphones are offering larger displays as of now with notches and a longer aspect ratio. You can set the show at the center as per your convenience to make your action smarter and faster than your competitors.
  • The use of colorful style is beneficial as it ensures you a better view of the enemy attack as it portrays a contrasting view on the screen. The updated version of PUBG takes the notch display automatically when you enter into the game.
  • In the quest to win, most users miss the chance to explore the training feature within PUBG. Yes! There is a section, namely training, where you can try all the weapons, learn their tricks and proper usage, and understand the battleground well.
  • Withdrawal pattern and its understanding are common and useful too for this game. A particular gun may be damaged soon, but it has a higher withdrawal rate. You have to keep the strategies in mind while choosing the right weapon for you. Proper observation takes a little bit of time but prepares you well to fight in the ground.
  • Observe the map well; you need to understand the plan and the game along. You may find an excellent hotspot to loot, but make sure it is not in the middle path of battle. But the game will not run as you wish. But whenever you get the chance to loot the hotspot, use it, considering it the last option.
  • If you want to stay till the last of the game with your steam pubg account, stay near the blue circle. You can also start from the middle of the blue and white zone to remain safe. The enemies try to escape from the blue process, so you are safe there.

PUBG is retaining its popularity for a long now. You won’t get such an intriguing game for free on your mobile as of now. That is why it is regarded as one of the best royal battle game.


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