Lower Back Pain Symptoms – Know about the symptoms

This is most commonly the initial treatment you will receive for Spinal Stenosis. Most cases they are looking for recovery without extensive and surgical treatments. Physical therapy’s focus is on strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine and throughout the back, stretching these muscles, and improving your posture. Through these steps, your create an increased support of the spine, and many times symptoms of nerve compressions are often improved. You can also check out The Back Pro as an at home solution.As daunting a task as this can be, it can be very effective in helping releive the symptoms of Spinal Stenosis and many other back related conditions.

Even a small amount of weight lost can be a big step forward in relieving back pain. By losing even 5 pounds you are relieving much of the load the spine must support, and this by it self could be key in back pain relief. Weight loss methods are out their and it can be overwhelming, the key is to pick one and stick to it, all weight loss methods will work, it usually is the dedication to the program and consistent work at the weight loss methods that stops the success, so start a weight loss program right away.* Anti-Inflammatory Mediations(NSAIDs) Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are commonly prescribed, and in many cases relieve the pain associated with Spinal Stenosis.

This solution provides relief by reducing inflammation which reduces the pressure on the compressed spinal nerves. These should only be used under your doctors care.* Oral Steroid Medications these are most widely in acute flare ups of the symptoms of the Spinal Stenosis condition.Medications commonly used are Prednisone and Medrol, these are very aggressiveMedications and again should only be used under your doctors care.Cortisone injections are given directly to the area of compression.

This is similiar to oral steroids as they are meant to provide immediate relief to an area that has a sudden flare up and needs immediate pain relief to be active during an average day. The Cortisone Injection is delivered to the area of Spinal Stenosis and avoids traveling throughout the body.These treatments will provide relief to many individuals, there is a large lack of support from the scientific community. The great thing about many of the alternative treatments is that they have few side effects and can be a good starting point without visiting a doctor to see if you can relieve your pain your self or with the help of an alternative medicine physician.

Some of the alternative treatments include: Acupuncture, massage, magnet therapy, and others.This procedure is usually considered after all other treatments have failed to eliminate the prevailing symptoms. Spinal Stenosis specific spine surgery is performed by decompressing the spinal nerves. The decompression of the spinal nerves is accomplished by removing soft tissue, ligament and bone are removed to allow more room for the nerves. The terminology describing the surgery is determined by what tissue is being removed.

A Laminectomy is the procedure that involves the removal of the tissue behind the spinal cord, Foramenotomy involves removing the bone around the spinal nerve, and a discectomy is the removal of the spinal disc to relieve pressure.Sometimes the extent of the Spinal Stenosis surgery results in the loss of enough supporting structure (tissue, bone, and ligament) where the sugeon will be required to add support, this is referred to as spinal fusion, this helps support any instability of the spine.When considering this procedure it is important to know the possible complications, the most important complication to be aware of is tears in the sac that surround the spinal cord, referred to as dural tears , others are infections and chronic instability of the spine. Also note, that years after the procedure has been completed, the most common cause of Spinal Stenosis may flare back up, arthritis of the spine. In the country, dr. Hony prescribes physical therapy for intercostal muscle pain, if you’re suffering from costochondritis – you need physical therapy.  The services are the excellent one for the individuals and have the desired results. The results are effective for the reduction in the pain to help the people.


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