Marijuana Seeds: Best Seed Banks in the US

Known by so many different names such as weed, cannabis, and pot, marijuana is loved worldwide for its recreational and medicinal purposes. With marijuana being legalized in plenty of American states, it’s time to say ‘hi’ to the ‘high’ of marijuana. All in controlled environments, of course. Most users are excited to experiment with this drug. What better way of enjoying it than to grow it in your garden.

Legal Home-Planting of Marijuana:

Before you pull up your sleeves and start liking the idea of green thumbs, take a look if your state legally permits you to plant marijuana. 

Alaska, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Washington, D.C., Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, and Michigan states allow you to plant marijuana at home for recreational and medicinal purposes. 

What is a seed bank?

They are places where the genetic diversity of the seed is preserved. A lot of research takes place to make sure that the seeds are of top quality and can withstand environmental factors to sprout and survive. Some research involves genetically modifying the seeds so that they grow better. A few seed banks also provide you the opportunity to buy seeds from them. Seeds from a seed bank are the best on earth!

Now that you’ve finalized that you want to plant marijuana in your garden, the next step is to find a good seed bank that will provide you with the best crop yield possible. 

Here the top 3 popular seed banks in the USA that provide the best quality marijuana seeds

  1. MSNL Seed Bank:

 This is one of the original seed banks operating since 1999. Here are some of the benefits of shopping from their bank:

  • Auto-flowering weed varieties are available. 
  • Choose from a variety of strain types.
  • THC content varies in type as per your need. 
  • CBD content varies and you can choose between different concentration levels. 

Along with selling individual packets of seeds, they also have value packs. They have designed them keeping the connoisseur you, in mind. The features of the contents of each value pack are:

  • They have 3 different seed types.
  • Separate labelling to avoid mixing of strains.
  • Each type has 5-10 seeds given.
  • The seeds are all feminized already.
  1. I Love Growing Marijuana: 

This seed band is known for its seeds that have a germination rate of 100 percent. With big discounts and speedy delivery, this seed bank is one of the top contenders for quality. 

They provide you with 2 seed options initially:

  • Feminized seeds:

If you want to make sure your crop grows 100 percent, choose these seeds. They result in 100% flowering and No male pollination.

  • Auto-flowering seeds:

If you are a beginner, these seeds are your best bet. They feature fast, rapid, all-year-round growth. the seed to bud period is only 10 weeks.

  1. Crop King Seeds:

 This seed bank takes its breeding and strain research quite seriously. They currently have over 40 different strains of cannabis in their bank and offer them to their consumers. Among the different strain types, they make available, a few include classic strains, auto-flowering, feminized, and beginner and hybrid strains.

Get your seeds and start planting today. With the support of these seed banks, you’ll have a blooming marijuana garen in no time. Happy farming!


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