Muscle Mass Building Program

As you go about your muscle mass building program, you’re going to want to think about how frequently you need to shift things around in order to prevent a plateau in progress. Hitting that dreaded plateau is a frustrating time for anyone who’s serious about their workouts but fortunately, if you understand how to avoid the plateau, you’ll never have to encounter it. 

The biggest key to keeping yourself away from a muscle-building plateau is making sure that you are constantly changing something about your workout program. It’s when you’re going into the gym day after day after day and doing the exact same muscle-building workout that the body is going to quickly adapt and stop showing any real progress. And adding safe and useful protein powders is one way to go, and these bulk powders free delivery code can get you super fast delivery of your supplements for free.

Instead, you need to change it up and get the muscles responding again. By putting a new stimulus on them you’re going to do just that. If you can change small things with each workout you’re going to definitely be one step ahead of the game but in some cases, it’s going to take more than that. Instead, it’s going to take a completely new muscle building workout program overall.

Let’s look at a few of the most important considerations that you should keep in mind with regards to how often you need to do a complete muscle mass building overhaul.

Your Current Progress

First off, always take an assessment of what your muscle growth progress has been like every three to four weeks. Are you still seeing the same rate of progress as you were earlier? Or has it slowed down?

A slowed rate of progress is the first signal that you could be headed towards a plateau so when this occurs, it’s your sign that something needs to change.

It’s perfectly normal to go a few days without much progress as we all do have our ‘off’ days, but if you’re going for longer than a week without any real gains in muscle growth, it needs to be looked at more seriously.

How You Feel Day To Day

Second, also think about how you feel on a day to day basis. Are you feeling overly fatigued? Are you feeling challenged? If you find that you feel as though you’re dragging from workout to workout, that could be a sign that overtraining is going to take place if something doesn’t change. Sometimes a muscle mass building program will be very intense and the body is able to keep up with it for a few weeks, but after that things will head downhill.

This is often termed ‘overreaching’ and is where you work incredibly hard for a shorter period of time and then back off slightly to allow for more complete rest while using a lower volume program.

If that’s the situation you’re in, you should be altering the muscle mass building program every 2-4 weeks. This is enough time to progress but not usually enough time to end up completely overtrained.

Your Interest Level

Finally, also assess your interest level. It’s important that you’re always excited to go into the gym to do your muscle mass building program because if you aren’t, that’s when you’ll start skipping sessions.

If you notice your motivation is starting to dwindle, again, think about doing a complete muscle-building workout overhaul. That will help get you back on track and working hard again.

So keep these points in mind. If you are smart with how you go about setting up your muscle-building program and work constant change into the monthly plan every 4-6 weeks, you should never hit the muscle-building plateau.


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