Night Shift Fat Loss Plan Waking Up To Fat Loss

The night shift can easily be the downfall of your Fat loss plan throwing your body clock all out of whack and giving you very little time in the sunshine can both be very damaging to your body and health. With this being said there are quite a few things you can do besides including weight loss supplements to make sure that you still lose Fat even with your crazy work schedule. These include

– Vitamin D for Fat Loss

Extremely important for anyone working night shifts where you won’t be seeing much natural sunlight and you will probably find you have become deficient in Vitamin D which is needed for your body to lose Fat and perform properly.

Vitamin D is produced by your skin from sunlight and it has been shown there is a clear link between obese individuals and a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D can boost your body’s natural ability to lose fat while also improving your mood which is a great thing for staying motivated and in a positive mindset.

Vitamin D can be taken in an easily digestible gel capsule to prevent deficiency.

– High Fiber Foods for Healthy Digestive System

Probably the biggest issue with a lack of sleep and crazy work hours is stomach troubles from bloating, diarrhea, and nausea and to help ease a troubled stomach and survive the work night try and stick to foods high in fiber which help will help your digestive system remove toxins and waste efficiently.

Remember to avoid processed foods as they will make your stomach conditions worse and a high fiber piece of fruit is a great way to stick to your eating plan while feeling satisfied.

– Low GI Foods

Low GI foods should be part of your night shift Fat loss plan and these are foods that don’t cause a spike in your blood sugar levels meaning you can feel fuller during your shift as well as knowing your body is in a healthy state as high blood sugar levels are associated with heart conditions and diabetes.

Popular gi snacks include fruits, nuts, and oat bars. It may not sound fantastic but it will supply your body with a steady supply of nutrients without the sugar crash.


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