Nizoral Hair Loss Treatment The Truth

Nizoral shampoo is a popular hair and scalp cleanser with anti-fungal properties that is commonly used to treat dandruff and other minor scalp issues. This treatment also includes the best hair growth supplements in their work.

This product is now being touted as having the ability to address male pattern baldness effectively.

Studies have been performed to prove the efficiency of Nizoral hair loss treatments in those suffering from hair loss as the result of genetic predisposition.

How the Active Ingredient In Nizoral Impacts Hair Loss

Nizoral hair loss treatments are effective due to the inclusion of Ketoconazole, the product’s active and main ingredient. Ketoconazole has a restorative impact on damaged or shrunken hair follicles by acting as a moderate anti-androgen. Androgen is hormone that is known to attach itself to hair follicles and cause damage. By effectively reducing or removing the androgen that has bound itself to the follicles, the Ketoconazole in Nizoral shampoo hair loss treatments can stop or slow genetic hair loss.

Nizoral hair loss treatments also address over-active sebaceous glands. When there is an over-production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, the hair follicles will normally become clogged and unable to produce strong, healthy hair. In addition to its performance as an anti-androgen, Ketoconazole also helps to moderate the production of sebum, ensuring that the follicles stay clean, clear and in top form for producing new hair.

Nizoral Shampoo Side Effects

There are several mild Nizoral shampoo side effects that some users may experience. These include mild headaches after an application of a Nizoral hair loss treatment. These headaches are usually short in duration and should resolve on their own, however, it is recommended that people who continue to experience headaches throughout their Nizoral hair loss treatment programs should stop using the product and contact their physician.

Another common Nizoral hair loss treatment side effect is hair shedding. This should not cause alarm when it occurs; however, as hair loss is a common experience among individuals who are implementing almost any hair loss treatment. Once the shedding stops, the Nizoral hair loss treatment will be able to produce healthier, thicker hair from clean, balanced hair follicles.

How to Use Nizoral Hair Loss Treatments

Nizoral hair loss treatments are generally most effective when performed in conjunction with other methods for stopping or reducing hair loss. While Nizoral shampoo is effective in treating issues relating to the hair follicle, it is most advantageous when used as a means for boosting the effectiveness of other forms of treatment. Researching the various ways in which Nizoral hair loss treatments can be implemented will help those who suffer from male pattern baldness to locate a feasible and effective treatment for their specific issues.


There are many hair loss or hair damage control treatments going on. Here was one of them discussed. Also, there are many nice treatments which are very effective but there are some which don’t work and your money might get wasted. So, before choosing know about it.


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