No Equipment Bodyweight Exercises Burn Fat Without Pills Or Gym

You don’t need equipment to get fit. Sure you may need some if you want to build more muscle, because this way you can add more resistance progressively on your target muscles. But if you want to get fit, burn fat, there are so many exercises you can do from home.

Forget the gym membership, clean the place you’re going to need some room. And get ready.

You can see here at the official site on how to become a member of the program. The joining of the program can reduce the excessive fat and delivers the best results to the individuals. You can perform the exercises while sitting at home with comfort.

The way you can get an intense workout with no equipment and bodyweight exercises in a short amount of time is by keeping your rest time shorts and doing quick moves, and maybe even no rest time between sets. If you alternate targeted muscles, this is achievable. Of course, depending on your fitness level, intensity is not the same.

So instead of training with a number of reps, you can train with a time frame in mind for each exercise. Just do as much rep as you can during the allocated time.

An example, okay I’m going to give you something really simple:

Jumping jacks




Dips (with chair or bench)

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, with no rest between each exercise. Rest for one minute after you performed the 5 exercises. Then go for another round. That’s 3 minutes and 30 seconds per round. If you go for 3 rounds you’ll have a nice 10 minutes workout.

When it becomes too easy, you may increase the time for each exercise upto 1 min, and also reduce your rest time. You can also add more rounds.

Now of course you can add more exercises and shorten the time for each exercise. The key here again is the intensity, make it challenging. You can have 10 exercises in your circuit, but just 5-6 can be really challenging providing you work hard and don’t cheat.

Also don’t take lack of time as an excuse, I just gave you a simple 10 minute workout. You can certainly make up your own workout for your own time. If you just want to dedicate 10 minutes a day then fine. If you train intensely to failure on the exercises you chose then it will be a great workout anyway.

Another thing that you should look for are variations. There are many ways to perform pushups. Of course the main form is with a medium grip, exectuing the pushup targeting the chest. You can change grip, wider or closer, but you can also change the whole exercise. Basically, what move can you perform from a pushup position?

Pushup hops (little jumps), pushup walks (front, back, left right), pushups with feet elevated…

Same for squat: jump squat, can also jump sideways, one leg squat, full squats…

An exercise that mixes both squats, jumps, and pushup is burpees. You should look for plyometrics exercises and see what you can perform in a single workout.

If you add variations to basic exercises you can increase your flexibility, strenght and balance. Lunges, mountain climbers, planks, bridges, dips, jumps have also many variations you can include in your workout. You may even invent your own enxercises.

No equipment bodyweight exercises can be very challenging. I’ve found a little video workout you may want to watch, these exercises look great. They’re unconventional and mix multiple exercises and moves. No equipment, but it’s going to kick your butts:


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