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Today instead of a Tarot Daily Lesson Post, I have special treat for you, a Valentine’s Day Spread for the World!

First, an explanation of the spread itself: there are three rows and each is labeled. The bottom reads, “The Present”, the middle row is “The Advice”, and the top row is “The Outcome”.

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You will notice that each Tarot card has an outline around it and there are circles to the right of each row. The outlines and circles correspond to the card’s elemental alignment. Blue is for Water, Orange is for Fire, and Green is for Earth. The circles also indicate the elemental triad type so the Tarot cards can be interpreted individually and as a three-card triad.

Before the interpretation of this spread begins, I want to look at the patterns it has. First, there are no Swords or Air-aligned Major Arcana cards present. Second, the bottom, and top rows are upright, while the middle row is reversed. Interestingly enough, there are three Fire, Earth and Water elemental cards. The three Major Arcana cards are aligned to three different elements. There are two Cups, Pentacles and Wands in the spread making it oddly very balanced to my eye.

Now, the juicy interpretation!

The Present is the Ten of Wands, the Eight of Cups, and the Nine of Wands. Overextended, Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment, and Determination.

What a combination! Time to start delegating and letting things go, the Ten of Wands, to move beyond the emotional scarcity toward greater spiritual understanding, the Eight of Cups, and to see it through until the end, Nine of Wands.

This row basically says, “Stop trying to find love all the time! Relax and it will come to you.” Focusing on finding love when you have not focused yourself first is like focusing on why the leaf is brown and neglecting to water the tree. Take the time to sort out who you are and spend the time getting to know yourself. The hard emotional work will pay off in the end when you have found the love that completes you. Focus on your core first; the finer details will come later.

The first row is a Split-Double Element triad, Fire-Water-Fire. The central card is weak and has little influence. Reaching out to family while trying to maintain independence can be hard. It may be painful emotionally if the Fire burns too much away, but scars can be healed with time. This triad is serious about doing emotional work. It is time to clear away the emotions and start fresh. Grow or go.

The Advice comes in the form of the Three of Cups reversed, the Seven of Pentacles reversed, and the Wheel of Fortune reversed. Overindulgence, Hard Work, but Little Profit, Don’t Press Your Luck!

The advice in this row is: to communicate wisely, the Three of Cups R, to work smart but not hard, the Seven of Pentacles R, and to know when to hold ‘em, The Wheel of Fortune R.

This row echoes The Present. You cannot be everything to everyone all the time. It may seem that best way to find love is to always be out there, partying it up. That might work for a little while, but love is built over honest communication and work. It requires constant thought and effort. If things are not working out, try a different approach next time. Use the low periods to plan your next big move and know that eventually you will hit the Love Jackpot. You will hit it sooner if you follow the advice.

The second row is the triple element triad of Water-Earth-Fire. The outer cards cancel each other out leaving Earth standing alone holding the bag. Though, it does have enough fortitude to shoulder the task. It may seem that you are alone. You are not. The emotions that were cleared away have made way for a new set of priorities. Now I the time to create the relationship habits that will yield a higher love profit for you!

The Outcome of this reading, if the advice is followed, is the Nine of Pentacles, The World, and The Hanged Man. Attunement, Fulfillment and Surrender.

Wow! Look at that! All the hard work has really paid off big time and it will yield the best loving results possible! Not only will you have the truest understanding of yourself, the Nine of Pentacles, you will be fulfilled, The World, and you will learn the love that lasts is found in surrendering individual needs for those you love, The Hanged Man. The end result is harmonious, joyous, glorious love shared by all!

This is, as I suggested earlier, a truly balanced spread for the World. Love is a fine a delicate balance, after all. Love neither gives, nor takes, too much for itself. It is found in the infinite loop of sharing equally with others.

The final row contains the double element triad, Earth-Earth-Water. The central card is strong in this triad. Staying in by the fire is a great idea! Relax a while and enjoy the comforts of a loving home. Soon enough it will be time to venture outside into the world, but not just yet. Spend ample time showing those you love just how much you adore them!


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