Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Truths

As much as there are many success stories on plastic surgery, there are also the unfortunate truths about plastic surgery gone wrong. This has been a widely used topic as its effects are really so touching that no one can afford to let it pass. Why are these plastic surgery gone wrong stories happen? Here are some of the basic facts linked to surgery that may lead to the idea that it can indeed go the way no one would want to.

Patients should know about rhinoplasty before and after results to have the desired results. There is nothing wrong to the individuals to meet with the needs and expectations. The learning about the truth is essential to have effective results on health.

Side Effects

It is said that even a well-trained surgeon cannot predict the side effects that the patient will have. Some patients having low immune system or even resistant to changes in the body may develop harmful effects after the operation. These effects may come to affect each patient differently. If it happens that a patient has severe reactions, then a plastic surgery gone wrong story has just started.


Scarring is just one of the effects of plastic surgery that no one would really want to occur. But there are just some persons who are prone to scarring and may even have keloid tendencies which may cause the unpleasant appearance on the area being sutured. There are really persons with skin prone of scarring that may pose a threat on the success of plastic surgery.

Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits also pose a risk on the success of each surgery. Cigarette smoking for instance is a big no when recovering from a plastic surgery as it slows down the healing process. Once you are into smoking after surgery, there is a big chance that recovery can come to a blur.

Aside from habits that may slow down the process of healing, there is also some habits that may hinder the recovery process such as not taking the medications that are prescribed by the doctor and not wearing required garments if there is any.

Surgeon’s Faults

Though a person may come to be cleared with all the needed tests and preparations before the surgery, plastic surgery gone wrong can still happen if the surgeon is not competitive enough to do the surgery. Of course, surgeons have studied well enough about the functions of the body and are therefore least likely to commit mistakes. However, cosmetic surgery is a different specialized case that demands training in order for a certain surgeon to qualify. This is based on standards to maintain patient’s safety. However, in some cases, surgeons practice in this field even without proper training on the specialized field. This is why there is a need to check on surgeon’s credentials before subjecting self to surgery.


There are so many reasons behind every plastic surgery gone wrong. If you are planning to avail of these surgeries, there is a need to avoid the mentioned deals in order to stay on the safe line and avoid getting caught with the pitfalls of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is never that bad at all as long as all the circumstances are in consonance with one another.


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