Top Free Great Features of Windows 8

The most important and great features of windows 8 is its presence of windows store through which user can download their favorite apps without visiting the third party website just like Linux and Apple.

By the use of windows store you are not only getting your favorite apps with just a click (as it is quiet easy to install) but you are also getting them without virus and spy ware so you see there is a double profit to get apps from windows store.

There are many other apps which can be downloaded from apps and that too free of cost.

1. Skype :The most common method to do video, voice and text chat if you want to talk to your friend living in another town and see them face to face Skype is the best software for you you can get this piece from windows store without any charge.

2. Twitter : You are following someone and just can’t wait to hear his view opinion on some subject then no need to wait you don’t have to following the cumbersome process of going to the browser address bar and type instead you just have to clicked installed apps from windows store Twitter and you are ready to view and express yourself freely.

3. Audible :You simply loves book but don’t have the patience or enough time to read it on the screen don’t worry this apps is going to help you free of charge you just have to install this apps from windows store and browse through the title and this book is going to read the book for you.

4. Adobe photo shop express :You love taking and editing pictures but don’t have enough money to but expensive photo editing software than this free apps from windows store is there for you through it you can edit you pictures as per your choice it the best fun fast on the go free photo editing software.

5. Netflix :The most popular free apps on windows store with a subscriber base of 30 million. Netflix allow you to get you movies and TV show fix. It tab show three categories top 10, popular on Netflix, New releases,Recently added and Genres. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up the movie page, which is informative and interactive, letting you rate, play, and see who starred in it. While playing a movie, you can use the app bar to pause, scrub, change volume, or disable/enable subtitles if available.

6. Wikipedia :You are the sought of person who is interested in almost anything that happens under the sky well then these fee apps is for you because it has got almost 20 million article to quench your thirst for knowledge.

7. Word Web : Interested in building your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation than this free light apps from windows is definitely a must have for you it search definitions, pronunciations, usage, translations, and more but only catch is you should not take more than 12 oversea travel to use this software freely.


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