Top Must Have Windows 10 Apps You Should Know About

If you want to enhance the experience on Windows 10 then you should consider must have Windows 10 apps right on your PC. There are plenty of them available but among them choosing the topmost can be really challenging for many people. If you want the best one for your Windows 10 then you must stay till the end of this article. It will get much easier for you to choose the right apps and also most of them are available for free on the App Store.

Right inside the Windows 10 you will find a Venos Tech Store in which there will be multiple sections of apps but you don’t have to scroll all of them instead you should only download the required one. For discussing them some basics needs to be clear like the applications is the only way in which you can take full advantage of your Windows 10.

Make sure that you are on the Windows 10 device in order to download the apps otherwise they won’t be supported and you might not be able to use them. It will help in boosting Gupta activity and also it will help in saving a lot of time of yours so that you can concentrate on the other things to. If you are interested then make sure to stay with us and do not skip any part otherwise you have to face some issues while operating your Windows 10.

It will help in getting the best out of the PC and also the best part is that there is no need to pay a single penny for the applications because most of them are available for free to download. Before downloading you need to login your Google account and make sure to verify it otherwise you won’t be able to download the apps.

Here are some of the apps for you

Plenty of apps are there which is why it is necessary to consider the most used app by the users as it indicates that they might be the one for your benefits. Without login your account you can only scroll or search the applications but you cannot use it so keep this thing in mind. Following are some of the apps for you-

  • VLC

VLC is the application that helps in running any kind of video with any kind of extension for free. You must have this application on your Windows 10 which is a lot better than the text version and you can download it right via App Store or via online services as there is an official site for it. Right after installing it you can run any video with any resolution without any lag or buffer which is a good part.

  • Spotify music

The next step you need to consider is to download the music application which is very necessary and for that Spotify music is the one you choose. It is the best in terms of playlist and you can enjoy it for free until an unless you need to download the songs. The plans are really affordable and you can subscribe them right within the application and download any kind of song you want to without any trouble.

  • Tidal

it is the another great music streaming services that you can get from the App Store. It has a larger music library than Spotify which can easily make you feel spellbound so if you’re interested and if you are a music lover then this is the one you can consider. It can provide you higher in quality music right on your Windows 10 device

  • Netflix

The next app you should consider is one of the most popular in TV series and movie series. You can easily stream your favourite movie or any serious you want without any trouble and also it runs online so if you are interested then you should go for it. You need to purchase a subscription plan for it so make sure to choose the right one according to your needs and requirements.

Thus these are some of the applications you shouldn’t miss on your Windows 10 device as it will definitely help in boosting your productivity.


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