Torgharst In Shadowlands: What Is It And How It Works?

Nowadays, people unwind by playing multiplayer games on their consoles and, one of the famous games among such gamers is World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The category of this game is role-playing where players complete levels to reach new locations and unlock new achievements. In this game, there is an “endless dungeon” named Torghast: Tower of the Damned. It is an infinite dungeon that keeps changing its blueprint. Players can keep replaying the levels in Torghast or can take help from torghast dungeon carry because doing so will keep improving the attributes of the character.

All About Torghast In Shadowlands

Torghast, the tower of the damned, stands in the center of The Maw and is also the place where the Jailer stores all of his precious souls.

In the game, the challenges faced in the Torghast change every time one enters it. The layout of the different floors and even the enemy types also keep changing. Thus, in this tower, the player will have new experiences every single time they play it. This ever-changing replayable concept of the Torghast makes it a very interesting part of the whole game.

As one progresses in the levels of the Torghast, the challenges become more difficult. So, to face these challenges, it is best to acquire some resources that can help in boosting the power of the character temporarily.

Importance of Torghast

The reason for Torghast’s importance in the whole game-play is that as one keeps playing the levels of the Torghast, they can improve many types of attributes of their character. Also, players can obtain Soul Ash, the currency which is needed for creating custom Legendary Armor, from this tower. Apart from the currency, Torghast is the place where Runecarver is kept, prisoner. If one can unlock this mysterious being, then they can get it to create their Legendary Gear.

Torghast can be entered solo or in groups (max. 5 players) and, the health of the enemies will be scaled based on the number of players. As one moves ahead in the tower, they can collect Phantasma, a kind of currency that can only be used in Torghast. The players will also experience an increase in their power and, it will last only until they are inside the tower.

How does the tower work?

Torghast, tower of the damned, consists of floors, layers, and wings. There are 6 wings and, each wing consists of 8 layers whose difficulty increases with completion of every layer. And every layer has 6 floors. The Soul Ash can be earned by completing the layers, but to complete the layers, the players need to sequentially complete all the 6 floors in each layer.

The players can earn only a limited amount of soul ash as only limited layers get unlocked every week. So, each week the players can earn around 1140 soul ash. The schedule of the layers getting unlocked is in week 1 from layer 1 to 3, in week 2 from layer 1 to 3. Week 3 will unlock from layer 4 to 6, and week 4 unlocks from layer 7 to 8. After week 4, all the layers will be unlocked.

The Torghast, with its changing dungeons with every play, makes the game fun to play. It also allows players to increase their strength and power. By earning Soul Ash, the players can create and upgrade their Legendary Gear, which will further help them in the game.


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