Using Social Media Gamification To Increase Engagement

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Gamification is exploding in the marketing/social media world. In fact, over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are using or intend to use gamification for marketing and customer retention purposes. And when used correctly, it has proven to be effective in the social media space. But first. What is gamification?

Gamification is the art and science of using game mechanics in non-game businesses to increase efficiency, customer, loyalty,engagement (B2C) and even ganhar dinheeiro no instagram. Badges, incentives, leader boards, progress boards, prizes. And more and more brands are incorporating these tactics into their social media strategy. Below we will share why social media gamification is useful and examples of real social media gamification campaigns.

Why Use Gamification?

Everyone has a Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel. Why are you any different? In addition to providing valuable content, gamification techniques (incentives) can encourage your customers/visitors/readers, old and new, to visit, stay, and interact with your content.

  • Gamification techniques can be utilized to increase:
  • Engagement (visitors, participation, etc.)
  • Loyalty
  • Virality (create a buzz!)
  • Social Media Gamification Examples
  • Club Psych

(Via: Entrepreneur) In July of 2010, NBC Universal’s USA Network used gamification to increase engagement on their website Psych, on of its TV shows. This is a good example of both web and social media gamification. The first element of the campaign was launching a fan loyalty program called Club Psych that let users win weekly prizes by complete different challenges. Second, USA launched Psych Vision, a mobile app the let users access behind-the-scenes videos, play trivia games to earn points/unlock prizes, and chat with other fans while watching the show. With a 130 percent jump in page views and a 40 percent increase in return visits to the Psych website, USA create a social media mystery game called #HashTagKiller. The game engaged fans with puzzles, clues, and Facebook chats with the show’s actors. The game has driven more than 95 million page views from 300,000 unique users since its launch in September 2011. Jesse Redniss, senior vice president of digital noted that, “288,000 shares on Facebook’s platform have provided us with over 38 million exposures of the “Psych” brand to our users’ friends and families.”

Volkswagen Fox’s Twitter Zoom Campaign

(Via: Oktopost) This campaign was created to promote Volkswagen Fox’s sponsorship of Planeta Terra Festival in Brazil. Tickets would be given away through a game mechanic on Twitter. When someone tweeted #foxatplanetaterra , Volkswagen would zoom in on a map that showed locations of the free tickets. In response, followers tweeted the hashtag in an effort to track down the free tickets. The results? Within two hours this hashtag became Brazil’s top trending topic. The greatest strength of this campaign was its simplicity. Anyone could join and it was a quick and easy way for Volkswagen to increase awareness and connect with their online audience.


If you go to the gym and forget to post about it on Facebook/Twitter/etc, does it count?

Well, Nike implemented gamification in its social media marketing through its Nike+ campaign to make it even easier to tell (brag) about your workout accomplishments. Nike+ can keep track of exercise times, run distances, and more (through mobile app), making it easy to track your progress. Many of the mobile apps integrate with social media. This allows you to share your workout accomplishments with your friends.

Gamification is becoming more and more common for businesses of all types. You may have noticed through your use of social media sites. (No, it is still not OK to send me Candy Crush or Farmville requests on Facebook!)

It is increasingly common in the ecommerce space, where sellers try to build loyalty amongst their customers. Check out, Six Interesting Examples of Gamification in Ecommerce.


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