What Are The Various Possibilities To Make Money By Blogging?

Blogging is sometimes a person’s profession, and sometimes they do it as their hobby. For some people, it is an alternate source of earning, and as a part-time job. It is possible to make money by blogging if a person has a basic knowledge about SEO, blogging, and how the internet can be used for blogging purposes for business and make money.

How do beginners earn money?

Blogging for beginners is not an easy job. It is time consuming, tricky, and requires hard work and effort, but it is the most rewarding job. For building a career in successful blogging, money is not the most important thing. A person should feel accomplished and satisfied with creating a business without relying on anyone else. A person should respect their talent and strengths.

Certain steps to make money by blogging.

  • Setup self-hosted blogs

Blogger needs to have its domain and self-hosted blog. Make the right decisions while creating a blog and keep it simple. Do not overdo or overwrite the content.

  • Publish great and attractive content

Publish content that is readable to the viewers and easily understandable and makes sure it is stylish and attracts people. People should be inspired by reading the blog and visit the blog again and again. Content should not have grammar mistakes and should be unique and understandable.

  • Build a website with organic traffic

To make money from a blog, a search engine provides organic traffic. User searches for a specific thing on the internet, and the intent should be clear. Keep doing continuous auditing using google to increase credibility. Get technical SEO correct.

  • A community should be built around the brands

Gaining user’s trust is most important if a blogger wants to earn money by selling products. Blogger can do this by email marketing, web push notifications, social media marketing, or replying to comments.

  • Sell ads to make more money

Publish ads on the blog page to earn extra money. It is easy and reliable and makes the blog perform better.

  • Sell their products or services.

People see their products on social media to recover the money lost in buying and creating the products and services. Find out what products and available in the market and what products are in trend and popular. Research and find ideas to sell products and test them.

  • Affiliate marketing to make money.

Sell other’s products and get a commission and earn money. Don’t promote products that are not personally used by you. Make sure that the product is reliable and effective.


The amount of money made by blogging depends on the amount of time spent and the amount of work done. Yes, making money through blogging is possible. Though the number of people creating a blog and making money increases, they are still a minority. People come from a wide range of niche if they are making a living from blogging, and the fact is, they are doing it for a long time. The domain should always be verified to prevent damage and manipulation of domains and content.

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