What Is An Air Water Heat Pump And How It Can Help You Save On Energy Bills

The Õhk-vesi soojuspump is a revolutionary way to heat your home, using the outside air as energy source. It takes advantage of the relatively low temperature of the outdoor air to provide heating more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional heating methods. An air water heat pump transfers thermal energy from one place to another, usually from outside to inside. The pump uses refrigerant gas to capture warm air from outside and transfer it into your house for heating purposes. This process also removes humidity levels while providing warmth throughout your home during cold winter months.

Benefits of an Air Water Heat Pump

An air water heat pump offers many benefits compared to other types of traditional heating systems, including:

    • Lower Operating Costs: Unlike conventional systems that rely on burning fossil fuels such as natural gas or oil, the operating costs associated with an air water heat pump are much lower.
    • Increased Efficiency: Air water heat pumps offer higher efficiencies than most traditional systems, meaning they use less energy but provide more consistent temperatures.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Unlike other methods that rely on burning fossil fuels, the use of an air water heat pump does not produce any harmful emissions.
    • Quiet Operation: Most models are designed for quiet operation so you won’t be disturbed by loud noises when running them.

How Can An Air Water Heat Pump Help With Energy Bills?

The primary benefit of using an air water heat pump is its ability to help reduce energy bills due to its high-efficiency rating. Utilizing the ambient outdoor temperature rather than relying on electricity or burning fuel can provide up to 50% savings compared to electric heater usage alone. Additionally, because these units require little maintenance over their lifetime, they will save money in repair and replacement costs as well as long-term energy savings due to their improved efficiency rate.

In addition to reducing monthly energy bills, installing an air-water heat pump system can qualify homeowners for rebates and tax credits, reducing overall costs associated with owning one. This makes them even more attractive options for those looking for ways to cut down their utility expenses without sacrificing comfort or quality living conditions in their homes.

Costs Associated With Installing An Air Water Heat Pump System?

When it comes time for installation several factors determine how much an individual will pay out-of-pocket for this type of system; these include local labor rates in addition to material prices such as pipes and fittings required for installation. Generally speaking, however, most installations should cost between $3,000-$6,000 depending upon size requirements and features desired within each model chosen (for example single/dual units). Additionally, some locations may require additional permits which add fees onto the final costs associated with installing this type of equipment within residential dwellings.


An air-water heat pump is a great option for anyone who wants to save money on their monthly energy bills while still maintaining comfortable living conditions year round no matter the climate outside. Not only can this type of system offer significant cost savings through reduced monthly utility expenses but they can also qualify homeowners for additional incentives such as rebates and tax credits making them even more appealing investments overall!


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