What is Effective Advertising in the World of Digital Signage?

In the last two decades, digital signage in retail has evolved dramatically. Static print signs gave way to digital light boards, then bulky CRTs and TV displays playing taped images, and finally, thin screens playing digital clips in the last ten years. 

Today’s signage can be seen anywhere from department stores to theme parks to bus stops, and it features ultra-high-definition video, data-driven programming, and playlist capabilities. Modern digital signage, however, should not be used as a fancy advertisement to play the new advertising spots to passers-by wherever it is placed. 

Many computer integration applications have arisen as network and multimedia technologies have advanced. One of the creative uses embraced by the commercial industry is digital signage through the Internet. Commercials are a part of our everyday lives; for example, department stores and baseball parks both have indoor and outdoor digital signs. 

What is meant by Unique Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a one-of-a-kind medium, and its content necessitates a one-of-a-kind strategy to be successful. It’s important to note that what works on other channels for ads won’t necessarily work on your digital screens.

  • The material on digital signage should be more than just a revolving series of pictures or advertisements that would otherwise be shown on television.
  • Effective digital content has a well-defined goal and well-defined metrics to determine if it is accomplishing that goal.
  • The message, story and imagery behind the advertisements should be clear cut.

Having a good strategy to promote content:

Is there a formula for creating the ideal content playlist? Without a doubt, yes. However, the approach you employ is entirely dependent on your target objectives and customers.

  • The type of material, duration, and frequency with which it repeats are all different.
  • Your goal is to divert visitors’ attention away from the long wait. 
  • Depending on the sign’s location and intent, the playlist can include more advertisements for weekly specials.
  • A content playlist’s approach, including its structure, duration, and combination, is as unique as the company, its priorities, and its customers. 
  • You’ll need to figure out the best content combination based on the goals of each piece.
  • The playlist’s relative mix of each form of material should conform to the goals.

Repurpose the content, but strategically:

Even though digital signage is new, static pictures, commercials, and conventional video content will still be shown on these devices. Unfortunately, companies that do so also make advertising much less effective than it would be otherwise. Using a computer screen to show a TV spot with narration or talking heads with the sound switched off, for example, is not considered thoughtful repurposing. Alternatively, you can see landscape-oriented content being displayed on a portrait-oriented display. Alternatively, a material designed for a particular resolution does not scale properly on a digital screen, resulting in pixelation.

  • If you’re going to repurpose conventional content for digital signage, plan.
  • Make the requisite modifications to ensure that your customer has a pleasant viewing experience.

Advantages of Digital Signage:

  • Brand recall is improved:

People who see an outdoor digital show remember the message 80% of the time, so it’s a good medium to use if you want them to remember you.

  • Attract the customer’s interest:

When compared to traditional outdoor advertisements, digital signage has the potential to surprise and engage users. People spend up to 60% more time staring at a digital show than they do at a traditional ad.

  • It’s a collaborative effort:

One of the main benefits of digital signage over traditional signage is that it enables the consumer to interact with it. Not only would this improve loyalty and recall, but it will also provide us with useful knowledge on how consumers interact with the brand.


Today’s digital signage is much more successful than the flashy billboards that many businesses use. Understanding that these devices are more than just video displays is essential to unlocking their full potential. You will create meaningful content for your screens if you prepare your business goals for digital signage and define a content strategy to achieve them.

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