Where To Find Content

You have the best intentions when you start a Social Media page whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or another platform.

You build the page, optimise it to look good and be found and then start posting your great content… then something happens, you run out of ideas, start posting the same old stuff and start to bore your audience.

The biggest question I get asked is what to post, where to find new and engaging content.

Let’s start with where to find content:Online news sites are a great place to find the latest news and current affairs either locally or worldwide. Try http://www.news.com.au, http://www.bbc.com/news, http://wn.com also your local news or radio site is great.

Think of all the sites that are relevant to your industry – not competition – suppliers, brands, products etc. You need to work out who your target market is then think OK if they like my product/brand/service what else would they like?

Some examples:

If your target market is women aged 25-45 and you are a Boutique Clothing Company chances are your market would also be interested in health, beauty and fashion.

If you are a automotive garage your audience may be interested in the latest cars, The Grand Prix, Bathurst, New automotive technology… the list goes on.

If you are an IT company your clients may be interested in the latest in computers and mobile technology. The debate between MAC or PC, websites and social media.

Your fans aren’t on your page just to listen to you talk about yourself, you wouldn’t ramble on about yourself all day, every day in the real world so why do it online?

Mix it up with news about other things that matter to your audience. Don’t be afraid to share content from other companies Facebook pages, websites etc if they relate to what your target audience would be interested in. If you are a localised business share what’s on in the community. The latest fair, show or theatre production coming to your area.

When you are sharing be sure to use the share button so the original author is credited.

The best way to keep tabs on what is going on in your industry is to follow business on Twitter

and Facebook who are targeting the same audience or have information your audience would be interested in (as above). Bookmark their websites and check back regularly.

If you are a financial planning company you would follow the big banks, if you were a hairdresser you would follow your major salon product suppliers.

Not all content has to be created by you. By sharing other information you are providing a service to your audience and it takes the pressure off you to not have to create as much content.

You can also set alerts to notify you when certain words appear in new content online. This can be great for not only keeping on top of what people are saying about you but for keeping tabs on your industry. You can buy cheap instagram followers online from a valid and secure website online. this will improve your account reach and you will also get popular. However, sometimes websites also provide with the fake followers and you need to stay careful from such sites.


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