Why Make A Video For Your Business – Know the ideas!!

The Internet is changing!

We’re saying goodbye to writing and hello to videos! The world wide web is advancing and viral video is the next big thing.

The video production la companies are using a stable internet for new and latest ideas. It is a big thing to offer to the customers. The look of the videos becomes different and unique with the best ideas on the production. It is providing the best results to the people to have the desired results.

And here’s why…

Writing is great and it will always have a place, but it is two dimensional. People like the personality and human touches that come from video. We like to be able to see things and be shown how they work.

But why is it becoming so important for all types of business to have a video?

Can you remember when tweeting was something birds did? In the last five years the Internet has completely changed and expanded. You can now search for anything, anywhere, anytime.

All this is great – we can go shopping even when the shops are shut – but by having it so accessible, people have become lazy. We don’t want to read things, we want to be spoon fed! Thus the launch of video; we just click play.

But this is not the only reason why video is growing.

When you write you can add a lot of personality and flair, but it is restricted. Video on the other hand allows you to show off as much of yourself as you want. People hear you and they listen to what you say. But they also see you. This alone is THE biggest selling point; body language says more than words ever could. Humour, eye contact and expressions are small things but they make people likable and being liked will sell.

Better yet, video releases a whole new load of restrictions you didn’t know you had! You can be inventive with your editing or shooting; add music as a cover and act out scenes. You can create emotions in you audience and show them areas of work that would otherwise go unseen. Filming products in 10seconds when it would have taken 400 words to describe. And with a good animator you can create your own world and do whatever you want.

Video is limitless.

So from a business perspective video is great. People like to know who they are dealing with and feel like they know you/your company. Whether you do this through a talking head, documentary or animation doesn’t matter as all techniques of video work in different environments, it’s just choosing the one that is right for you. Videos also have a tendency to be spread around; if you make a good one then someone will tweet about it or share a link on Facebook. It’s free marketing!

Sometimes the hardest part about the video is deciding which one is best for your business! Luckily at Videre Video Productions we are knowledgeable in marketing and skilled at designing you a personal video so we will help you with all the steps. For a professional team dedicated in making your video the best it can be, contact Videre.


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